Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, Sarae is only 4, but it seems she has already been typecasted... She was an angel last year in the church play and this year was an angel both at school and church : ) Top 3 Santa questions from Sarae this year:

1. Why did Santa talk like a girl this year and a boy last year? (Her school must not have been able to find a male)
2. How does Santa get into our house since we do not have a chimney?
3. Where does Santa go potty? Me: Maybe he doesn't drink anything before he gets in the sleigh. Sarae: Mom, he drinks all the milk! Therefore we had to clean her bathroom just in case Santa had to go.

Sarae's favorite parts of this Christmas (besides the toys) was the candlelight service at church (she got to hold her own candle)and spending time with the family. Although she loved all of her gifts, I believe the one she has played with the most is the Tag Reading system. She is a reader just like me! Buddy and Cody's favorite parts of this Christmas were all the leftovers they got to eat and having Sarae and I home more than normal. My favorite parts of Christmas this year were all of the decorations and watching the children put on their plays. Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas too! See below for more pics!

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