Saturday, September 6, 2008

You decide...

Sarae's favorite doll is a Wonderwoman doll that she has named Tia. My niece, Tia, thinks this is the ugliest doll she has ever seen and is not very happy that Sarae calls her Tia. I've posted both of their pictures so you can decide if they look alike : )

Tia, Sarae and I headed to Sanibel Island in August. We stayed at the Sanibel Inn which we really liked. They had bicyles (with children's seats) there and we were looking forward to riding around the island. We got there Sunday afternoon and immediately hit the beach. Sarae made her first sandcastles and while initially was wary of the water, once she got used to it loved it. Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Faye joined us and we were asked to leave the inn the next day. Tia and Sarae did get to walk on the beach that next morning and pick up seashells while I packed. We hope to go back soon.

Butch, (Tia's boyfriend) had to go back to Kentucky to college and we miss him. Before he left he came over and played with Sarae yet one more time. He's great with her as you can see from the picture.

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!