Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting ready for the holidays!

Sarae is very excited about the holidays. She loves all of the decorations and now understands the concept of Santa and presents. She still isn't thrilled with Santa himself (still scared of him), but loves the idea of his bringing her gifts. If you ask her if we can leave cookies and milk for Santa, she will say no. I guess she doesn't want him hanging out, just dropping off. The second picture is her and "her best friend, Cody," lying down watching television together and the third picture is her "scary" face . The last picture is her wearing the dancing skirt Tia bought for her. She wears it shopping, to church, to daycare, to sleep and to dance around the house. She loves to sing and when I join in and sing with her in the car, she will ask me what I am doing and tell me I need to stop singing and just drive. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as much as we are!