Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yes, I'm on the potty!

Exciting news- Sarae is starting to go potty on the potty! For those of us that change her diapers, this is very exciting. Sarae continues to do well, she has grown an inch and a half and gained about a pound and a half since we came home. She still loves fruit, veges and pasta. She loves animals and will squeal when she sees them. As you can see from the photos she is a great help around the house. Can't start them too young on their chores : ) Tia and Butch were nice enough to come over and put on a fireworks show for Sarae on the fourth of July. She loved them and clapped after each one. You can see Butch and Sarae in the last picture. She seems to have a little crush on him. When Tia, my mom or I ask her for a kiss, she will often shake her head no and laugh, but when Butch is around, she has no problem giving kisses. Smart girl!