Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Look at my new boots!

My sister Lynne and her husband came to visit Sarae, bearing many gifts of course. Since they are from Texas, one of her gifts was a pair of pink cowgirl boots. Sarae loves the way they sound when she walks down the hallway. Sarae started daycare at a friend's house. There is one other little girl there all week with her and a 4 year old a couple of days and a baby one day. Although she cries when I drop her off, she seems to be adjusting well. She is definitely worn out from playing as she has been taking 3 hour naps there and even did the same here during the weekend. Before, I was lucky to get 1 and 1/2 hours from her. The last picture is Sarae vegging in front of the television. Sarae and I had a busy Labor Day weekend with chores around the house, working in the yard, washing the car and visiting our friend Coleen and her husband Ryan in Gainesville. Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!