Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Spring!

Sarae seems to be changing every day. She loves to walk around in my shoes, especially my heels and loves to wear a bathing suit skirt that she believes is her "dancing skirt". She also likes to walk around the house with my panties on her head, no picture of that posted on the blog though! : ) She has been earning time-outs lately both at home and in daycare. She likes to climb and kick walls (enjoys the sound I think). She is definitely an outside girl and will ask often to go there. We just got an annual pass for our local zoo and have been twice already. Sarae had a blast feeding the goats. She seems to be growing up so quickly - just yesterday she was saying "Otay" and today she is able to say the K sound for "okay". I miss hearing her say "Otay Mama". Sarae is definitely the best part of everyday! Hope everyone is doing well.