Sunday, May 9, 2010

Virginia & DC vacation!

Sarae, Tia and I hit the road on April 30th and headed up to Virginia. Tia had never been there, so we planned on seeing as many historic sites as we could fit in, along with catching up with friends. We stayed in a great condo (thanks to my sister and her husband for getting us such a great deal!)in Williamsburg, Virginia. We toured Williamsburg Saturday and half a day Sunday and then headed up to D.C. to see Marsha. Marsha had worked 18 days straight and I am afraid did not get much of a rest on her one day off since she took us on a whirlwind tour of D.C. Monday, we went to the Washington Zoo, Arlington Cemetary, Smithsonian (Natural History and Tia ran to the Archives for a quick peek at the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), White House briefing room (yes we got to stand where the President stands when addressing the reporters!), and wrapped the day up by running around the monuments. The next morning we got to tour Marsha's work at NBC studios. We left Marsha and headed to Monticello and ended the day back in Williamsburg. Wednesday we toured two plantation houses - Berkely and Shirley. Found out the heir to Shirley is an eligible bachelor in his 40's. Tia and I thought it would be a great idea for he and I to meet, but unfortunately, it wasn't like a Harlequin romance book and he never appeared on the scene. Thursday we went to my hometown of Petersburg to see Blandford Church. This church was made into a monument for the Confederate soldiers and Tiffany was commissioned to make 15 stained glass windows - beautiful! Besides Marsha, we also got to see Mr. & Mrs. Durham, Duff, Lisa, Michelle, Jack, Megan, Kay, Kendall and Kary during this trip. Catching up with everyone made this trip extra special! A special thank you to Duff for loaning us his GPS, it made getting around the state much easier!