Sunday, August 9, 2009

The summer is flying by!

Sarae started her new preschool this past week and I am happy to report she loves it! I love the fact that it has a webcam and I actually get to watch her while she is there. If you ask her what her favorite thing is at her new school, she will tell you it is the playground. There is an indoor playground and she goes to it 2-3 times per day which makes her very happy. She also loves her new teacher and her new friends. Thanks to Aunt Lynne and Uncle Dave, Sarae has a great time pretending she is a chef. She also likes to pretend she is "Super Sarae" and the "jewelry diva". It has been an incredibly hot summer and the only way to possibly stay outside is to be in water. Thanks again to Aunt Lynne and Uncle Dave, Sarae has a very cool sprinkler fun pad. We had a unexpected visit from Butch, in June, who came home from college for a family reunion. Sarae was thrilled to see him and spend some quality "lollipop" time with him. Hope everyone is staying cool!