Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

We have had a great summer so far and hope everyone reading this blog has as well. Sarae and Cody (black dog) are still best of friends, even when Sarae doesn't allow him to take his nap! He forgives her since she is constantly sneaking him food. She has learned to open the cabinet where the dog treats are kept and I've found her on several occasions giving Buddy and Cody extra treats. We've enjoyed Butch (Tia's boyfriend) being home from school and she loves it when he makes her "fly". As you can see, Sarae has begun to brush other people's hair for them, I'm afraid she's not too gentle though and will yank the brush right through your hair. Tia was a good sport and let her do this for quite a while. The last picture is our neighbor Diane who brought over a new book for Sarae. So far, Sarae is very much like me and absolutely loves books. She will ask/demand to be read to as well as read to Cody. She also loves the princesses and dancing. I was excited to find tu-tu's at Target's dollar spot and she is now up to 5 "dancing skirts". Hope everyone is staying cool this summer!