Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gotcha Day Anniversary!

It's hard to believe it's already been a whole year since Sarae and I became a family! I took the day off today so we could celebrate and met our friends who also were celebrating one of their daughter's Gotcha day. It's amazing how much Sarae has changed as you can tell from the pictures. The first picture is just a few minutes after they handed her to me and the rest are recent pictures. Sarae is definitely the best thing to happen to me ever. She made her first batch of brownies (with a little help) and is walking about 1/2 mile a night with Buddy and I. She even tried out the treadmill one night when it rained and we weren't able to make our normal walk. She put her shoes on the correct feet for the first time today (probably just lucky, but I'll count it anyway)! Her birthday party is this weekend so I will try to post pictures from that as soon as I can. Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are hoping everyone has had a great start to 2008! January was an incredibly busy month for me at work so I wasn't able to blog for that month - sorry! Sarae is doing well. Since the last blog, she has learned to climb up on the barstools and like Cody, she has climbed up to the kitchen counters. She is attempting to get a writing pen. I keep these up high since she will draw on furniture, walls, etc. Cody goes up for food, but they both are unable to get down on their own once they climb up. Sarae loves to play in the laundry basket and to walk around in my shoes. She loves music and listens to anything from 70's music, to Jazz. Currently her favorite songs are Girlfriend and Hooked on a Feeling. She will put her sunglasses on (usually upside down) in the car and will clap and nod her head to the music. Unfortunately I can't get a picture since I'm driving, but trust me it's very funny. Sarae seems to learn new words on a daily basis and thanks to Ms. Iris at daycare, she is learning her numbers, colors and shapes. I can't believe it will only be 12 more days for our one year anniversary of meeting and becoming a family!!