Friday, August 17, 2007

It is HOT, HOT, HOT!!

I thought it was just me, getting older and not tolerating the heat as well, but according to the paper, we've actually broken some records. Some friends have been kind enough to invite Sarae and I over to swim in their pools and Sarae loves it.
Sarae also loves popcorn, thanks to Tia and Butch. She demands it for breakfast, lunch and dinner so I have to hide it in the cabinet so she can't see it. Cody, my black dog, continues to be her best pal. The picture of her and Cody watching T.V. is a daily occurance. The picture of all three of them on my bed is what happens whenever I go to change my sheets - suddenly everyone has to get on the bed and no one understands "Get down". I love the picture of Sarae in her bunny robe, reminds me of the pig hat her Aunt Heidi Ho gave her in China. Hope everyone is staying cool! Love, Sarae, Cody, Buddy and Colleen